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Friday, January 28, 2011

Mental Health Problems Increase at College

As the economy goes down so does mental health of college freshman, a recent article states. A recent survey shows that mental health for college students is the lowest it’s been since they started it 25 years ago.

This survey shows that men have a more positive view of their mental health than women do.

Article shows that womnn seek help more often than men do. Women also seem to feel more comfortable talking about their feeling than men do which could sway the actual amount of men that come forward, says Dr. Mark Reed when interviewed by Tamar Lewin with The New York Times.

Students have higher amounts of stress due to increased unemployment rates. Students not only have to worry about a bachelors but in order to even have a job should get a masters or Ph. D.

Linda Sax, a former director of the freshman study who used the data from the research to recognize the gender gaps said, “One aspect of it is how women and men spent their leisure time. Men tend to find more time for leisure and activities that relieve stress, like exercise and sports, while women tend to take on more responsibilities, like volunteer work and helping out with their family, that don’t relieve stress.”

Students need to find ways of dealing with the stress that comes from a decline in unemployment.

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