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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Organic Food Consumed by Woman

High education and money describe woman who buy organic food while being pregnant. Almost one in ten pregnant women consumes organic food regularly says Science Daily. A study done by MoBa shows that there was not a significant difference between those women who ate organic and those who did not. The women who ate organic food while pregnant tended to have the following trends as researched by MoBa

Ø “They were either in the group with more than 4 years of higher education, or in the group with under 12 years of education in total

Ø Most were either under 25 or over 40 years old

Ø There were many with low family incomes (below 300,000 Norwegian kroner per year)

Ø Many were students or had a partner who was a student

Ø They had normal or low weight (body mass index)

Ø They exercised frequently -- at least 3 times a week

Ø Overall, there were very few who were vegetarians (0.2 %), and a minority drank alcohol (11.6 %) or smoked (8.4 %) during pregnancy. However, the use of organic food is more widespread in these three groups.”

One out of 10 buy organic food, stated by MoBa. The research shows that we need to care less about who is buying the food but what is in the food

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