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Friday, February 4, 2011

Working More Might Be Causing Your Children Weigh More!

Children could weigh more if their mothers work more, an article says. There were many results from the study that this article quotes. Working mothers could be in a rush making them have to rely on quick options such as fast food or restaurants.

The CNN article states that lower income homes have poorer food choices. This news was upsetting to moms who are forced to work. CNN interviewed Susan Wenner Jackson, who blogs about working mothers. She is upset about the studies results.
She said "I get sick of all these studies coming out that seem to say being a working mom equals harming your children," she said. "I've seen a bunch of them -- the kids don't get as much attention, they aren't good readers."

"I don't know how valuable these results are. They're not giving me anything."

There are many reasons why children’s obesity rate is on the climb. Mothers who work usually have to and that studies need to find a way to help those mothers balance career and family life.

Chanelle Jepson

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