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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Short Equadorians May Avoid Cancer Because of Their Height

While being short could be in inconvenience in some aspects it might not be in avoiding cancer and diabetes said a CNN article. There was a 22-year study of 99 Ecuadorians who were of severe short stature. These 99 patients had a genetic mutation that caused their heights to be no higher then 4-feet tall.

The 22-year study was published Wednesday in the Science Transitional Medicine journal. The study showed that only one patient got cancer and after treatment was cancer-free. The article stated that the mechanisms that stunted their growth could be preventing them from getting cancer and diabetes.

The article says that they looked at the detailed death information of 53 severely short people and found that there was no evidence of cancer or diabetes related deaths.

Short people might be less likely to get cancer and diabetes but that doesn’t mean their life expectancy will be longer, the article says. The mutation in these patients differs from dwarfism. This is specific to their mutation and not all severely short people.

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