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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Atheists Hate God

Hating something you don’t believe in sounds ridiculous but what can make it even worse is when that hate leads to poor physical and mental health. A recent CNN article states that college students who are atheists and agnostic have more animosity towards God then their fellow students who are believers. Atheists believe that there is no God but yet claim to be angry with him now or in the past.

The article said that church goers are less prone to hate God and are more likely to view their circumstances as well intentioned learning opportunities that God has for them.

Age also has an effect on anger directed towards God. The article showed that young adults have more anger towards God than adults do. This may be because younger people lack the skills to deal with adversity, rejection, and decision-making. Adults are able to deal with those same issues easier since they have experienced more of them in their life.

The article shows us that those negative emotions towards God may lead to physical illness and poor mental health. This anger can be resolved through changing their view about God and expressing their anger in a constructive way.

"When people trust that God cares about them and has positive intentions toward them, even if they can’t understand what those intentions or meanings are, it tends to help to resolve anger, said lead study author Julie Exline, Case Western Reserve University psychologist.

Expressing anger towards God can help people move on says the CNN article. The expression can be done through talking with a higher power or expressing that anger with a spiritual leader.

Knowing that God has acknowledged their anger or another person helps them to heal says the article. Through this healing process people can regain their health and happiness.

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