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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Discrimination Against Those With Excess Weight May Add on the Pounds

If being discriminated for being overweight wasn’t bad enough new research shows that it will add more fat to your frame.

A recent CNN article says that those who are discriminated against could have more internal fat then those who aren’t discriminated against. The biological mechanism of how that could occur is unknown, said Lewis, assistant professor at Yale School of Public Health to CNN.

There is some speculation that the extra internal fat could be because of a chemical called cortisol that gets released due to stress. This internal fat is called visceral fat and isn’t the fat you see as muffin top.

This doesn’t help those who have the desire to get in shape. It’s just adding on more weight to the issue at hand.

This type of emotional strain leads many to eat more food as a way to cope. This and the visceral fat may put those with weight issues in a vicious cycle. This cycle can be hard to break away from.
Lewis concluded the interview by saying, “The way people treat one another has a real effect on health outcomes. These experiences make a difference. "

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