My Nutrition and Fitness Plan

Monday, April 18, 2011

The Journey Begins

Hello my name is Chanelle. I'm on the right and my baby sister is on the left. Yes she has an amazing body and that's about where I'd like to end up. I'm excited to start this journey with my mother and my friend Elise. We all have different goals and all come from different ways of living but together and with your help we will be able to achieve the goals we have set.

My goal is to be on stage in a fitness competition and be proud as I stand there. I've always been active and pretty healthy. However, I want to take my body to the next level and that's why I'm here is to see if I can get the body I want while actually eating. I know it seems like a foreign concept for most dieters but hey let's give it a try and see where we end up.

This morning was great. I woke up and went to the local gym. I'm absolutely obsessed with Zumba. It's an aerobic class that mixes, hip-hop, Latin dancing, and much more to give you some intense cardio that doesn't leave you bored. It was also hilarious to see my mom shake it in her 50's and there were two ladies in there easily in their 70's. So if your local gym offers this class I highly recommend it. It's also available in DVD.


  1. Chanelle,are you seriously not satisfied with your body? You've got to be kidding!!! I love watching other people do Zumba, but for now I'd have to do it SOLO in the privacy of my own livingroom - with all shades drawn and all children far, far away. I think you are in great shape, but here's hoping you get it in the shape that you want it to be in.

  2. You're both sooo cute! I love this goal girl. I wish we were roomies so we could accomplish this together. If you need any support or want to do Zumba at the "local gym" let me know. You go girls =)