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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Uh Oh!

Conversation on the Green Drink we were suppose to Drink

Mom- How much is a bunch?
Me- I think it's a handful, let me google it.
Dad-A bunch is just a couple of them.
Mom and Me- No way!
Mom- Honey do you want some of this?
Dad- What is it? It looks like hulk threw up.
Me- I don't know if I can do this.
Mom- It looks wonderful

Today my mom called me and said she loved it. I needed a chaser just to get it down. By chaser I mean water of course! Today was hard, I forgot my chicken for lunch. I was at work so I had one of our MonaVie snack bars. I thought it was the best option since I was starving. Then was starving tonight and didn't make any night snacks so I had 1 tbsp of pb on a rice cake. I know today wasn't perfect but no sugary treats or bread so I'm feeling pretty good.

Cari Jepson (my mom) wrote me this email today.

Chanelle, Today was the second day for this task of eating clean. Obviously having all our food ready for the week has made it simple to follow. I've showed 37 houses since Saturday and I have never ran out of energy. My clients may need to stop for a quick burger and I just pull out my meal. Each meal so far I have enjoyed and would't replace. Thank you for believing in me. I am hoping that Tosca Reno will let us know where we can get a giant cooler purse like hers. It's a must in my line of work.... Good Eats tomorrow daughter. Love Mom
She is a real estate agent for the Franklin Group. She is amazing at her job. She is so optimistic, I mean her response to the Hulk's throw up is proof enough. She is also a hard worker and I'm excited to see her throw that work into herself for once!

Well until next time...

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