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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Deprived or Satisfied?

Temptation, temptation, temptation, how do you avoid this? I’ve been tempted by many things in my life such as: boys that I shouldn’t date, movies I shouldn’t watch, and food I shouldn’t eat. The first two are easy, well sometimes not the first one : ) I’m a sucker for a pretty boy but food, nonetheless, food is the hardest thing for me to avoid. Work lunches, parties, and dates have left me falling off the bull. I am a true cowgirl and I get back on that weight loss bull and ride it but sometimes I hang on still feeling out of control.
While doing service in Florida I had a companion who I absolutely adored. Well she came to Utah this weekend and had an open house full of food. It was surprisingly pretty healthy. On the stripped version of Eating Clean you must avoid bread, dairy, and sugar. Well actually let us be honest with ourselves, we should always avoid processed sugar! On my plate was sliced turkey with mustard, fruit, veggies and, guacamole. I felt like I was doing pretty well, except for my portions. I wasn’t that hungry but not eating bread had made me feel deprived!!! How do I change my mind from feeling deprived to feeling satisfied? This seems to be common in our world and not just in the world of health. We want to keep up with Jones’s. Debt mounts as people aren’t satisfied with what God has so graciously blessed them with. How do you help yourself feel satisfied with all aspects of life?


  1. Saw your Mom yesterday! Whatever you are doing with her is working beautifully! She looked great.
    But to your question of How do you help yourself feel satisfied. I have been diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes with this pregnancy. My goal was to be able to get it under control with diet and not have to take insulin. I am very proud of myself and am not needing insulin. I really thought I would just be hungry and unsatisfied. I think some things that I feel like I am missing out on really are just habits and not things I need to feel satisfied with life. Once you accomplish a goal you feel much more satisfied about life in general

  2. Cristin thank you for your post! Our bodies get tricked into thinking we need certain things that we don't really need. Sugar is like alcohol or any other addicting substance. Once you taste it you want another hit. Refined carbs are the same way since they spike the blood sugar and create a quick boost of energy that then declines as quick as it comes. The Gospel of Jesus Christ has shown me that consistent, progressing behaviors lead to the greatest successes, in turn it leads to overall satisfaction. My mom is amazing. She is doing really well and I'm so proud of her!